Building a team

The cause you decide to champion is the determining factor of who joins your team. The cause has to resonate with quality talent for them to want to join your team. To resonate with the team you are building you will need to clearly communicate the problem you are trying to solve and why you need their help.

With out good story of your cause then your recruitment will be random at best and probably with a high turnover. The higher quality candidates will work with other people.

Effectively your cause is one of the main factors that brings your team together. This is particularly true with high quality talent where they select their best options.¬†This goes against the grain where most people believe they select the team. With out your cause being strong people who could be good team members will never express interest in joining your team and that door won’t be opened.

This is not a new concept, Steve Jobs looked for people who believe in the cause and are best at what they do.
Steve Jobs in a documentary about Apple (1985)

Another was Winston Church Hill who had a strong vision for a European alliance to counter German aggression, a common goal to secure peace.

My cause is to improve peoples lives by enabling people to transform their ideas into reality.

It’s inspiring for me to hear other peoples cause and I’d like to your hear yours. Leave a comment or message me about your cause.

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