How do I make my idea happen ?

To make an idea happen you need a method and motivation to continue during the bad and the good times. Methods are road maps for potential routes for realization of an idea and stories of others can fuel for your motivation.

On this site methods are organized into different stages that you may be at: Discover, Strategize, Design, Prototype and Optimize. If you see something that could be added articles you discover else where or write feel free to share. A diverse perspective is one of the best ways of finding ideal routes.

For inspiration I’ll collect stories about products and creating them. The first of these is What makes a good product ?

Others include stories of how other products where created, like the Prototyping of the apple mouse.

There are many methods and there is an old proverb that applies. All roads lead to Rome, There are many different routes to the same goal. Finding the best route is the hard part of making your dream happen. Share your knowledge and leverage the knowledge of the crowd to help your team stay motivated while discovering the route you are going to take.

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