– decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other object), by making a detailed drawing of it.

Design is where you continue to test your idea and it starts to take shape for others to see. You need to factor in what you have researched, what your strategy is and what is going to work for your consumer.

Things to design

  1. The culture you want to have
  2. Look and feel
  3. Quality and complexity of design
  4. Content and presentation material explaining the business and product to the consumer
  5. Experiments to test assumptions made while researching and strategizing
  6. Individual interfaces to demo to potential customers for feedback on look, feel, understandability, usability and functionality

What is designed can often be used as a prototype to demo for a potential customer. This can help head off any problems before time and resources are spent on developing your initial prototypes. Just as research avoids spending unnecessary resources on strategy, using designs paired with customer interviews can reduce spending unnecessary resources on prototyping.