–┬ámake the best or most effective use of (a situation or resource).

With a functioning prototype the process of optimization begins, with proper research, planning and design many of the problems that could appear in optimization can be avoided or solved in earlier phases.

The difficult part of optimization is realizing and accepting when you are incorrect. It’s human nature to stick to what you believe is the correct solution even when it is not while striking a balance with sticking to the correct solution even if the data says other wise. Data, testing, personal experience, advice and intuition will only carry you so far individually but combined will result in a refined product.

The result of optimization is that you discover design flaws that prevent the product being a true solution for the problem and you need to go back to the drawing table. This is part of the cycle and going through this makes your ideal turn from just an ideal into a valuable business. Those who succeed are those who climb these mountains one after another tell they reach their destination. Say motivated and move forward.